Crowns and Bridges Booragoon, WA

The proper restoration protects your oral health and improves the appearance of your smile. Our dentist, Dr James LT Wong, offers aesthetic tooth-coloured restorations to protect your natural teeth and replace missing teeth following extraction or trauma.

Couple | Dental Crowns in Booragoon WA Dental Crowns to Protect Teeth

A deeply decayed or a fractured tooth compromises the protective enamel. A damaged tooth may feel sensitive or painful and is more susceptible to additional damage or even tooth loss.

We can prolong the life of the tooth by placing a dental crown. Repairing a severely worn tooth, treatment for an infection, and a cosmetic dentistry plan may all include dental crown treatment.

Crowns completely cover the tooth and prevent additional damage from the force of chewing. You can eat normally, though biting into anything excessive hard will damage a crown, just like a natural tooth.

Fixed Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth loss may lead to additional oral health issues when left untreated. Teeth tend to tip toward the space left by a missing tooth, altering the integrity of your bite. Tooth loss also leaves some patients feeling self-conscious about their appearance.

A fixed dental bridge completes the smile by replacing a natural tooth with an artificial tooth suspended by dental crowns affixed to one or two natural teeth. Bridges provide a placeholder to keep the bite stable and prevent misalignment. For multiple missing teeth, Dr James Wong offers implant-supported bridges.

Dental Crowns | Booragoon WA Dentist Dental bridges do require some extra care to prevent gum disease and damage. Cleaning under and around your bridge will promote good oral health, and avoiding sticky or hard foods is recommended.

Aesthetic Tooth-Coloured Restorations

At Garden City Implant & Dental, we offer tooth-coloured restorations to complement patient smiles. Matching the shade of your natural teeth results in a seamless appearance that you can feel confident about.

Crown and Bridge Treatment Process

Crown and bridge procedures typically require the use of anaesthetic to ensure patient comfort. Our dentists are gentle and deliver anaesthetic slowly after using a topical anaesthetic to reduce discomfort and provide a comfortable patient experience.

Our dentists will remove any damaged or decayed tooth structure and create impressions that the dental lab will use to create the final dental crown. We will place temporary restorations to protect teeth until your final restorations arrive.

The final phase of treatment involves permanently bonding the restoration to the remaining tooth structure and making any final adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit and proper function.

Our experienced practitioners and friendly clinical team are committed to providing high-quality dentistry in a caring and warm environment.

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