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In many ways, technology has improved the level of care we provide for our patients. We believe that the personalised dentistry we offer combined with the bells and whistles of modern dentistry gives our patients the best of both worlds.‚Äč

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation emitted while providing the highest resolution images available today. Dr James LT Wong and Dr Nabil Khzam use x-rays to diagnose oral conditions such as bone loss, decay, fractured roots and infection. X-rays also assist with procedures such as proper implant placement and preparing for extractions.

Digital x-rays are stored in your records for instant review and comparison as your oral health changes over time.


Digital Records

Eliminating the need for paper charts helps keep your information secure. We store personal information on a server that utilises several layers of encryption and passwords. Digital records also provide the opportunity to instantly compare x-rays, periodontal charting and changes to bone quality.


Panoramic X-Rays

X-rays of individual teeth provide our dentists with information necessary to treat oral health diseases such as decay and periodontal disease. Panoramic x-rays capture the entire dental system, revealing additional information about bone levels, jaw joints, certain cysts and tumours as well as providing assistance in wisdom teeth evaluation.


Orthopantomograph (OPG)

This machine provides us with a convenient and immediate radiographic image of your teeth and your top and bottom jaws, allowing us to provide sound ‘real time’ treatment planning and advice.

Intraoral Cameras

We can take instant, still images of your teeth and other oral structures to show your current condition. That is also very valuable for educating our patients and for long-term records keeping purposes.

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