General Dentistry in Booragoon

Man at restaurant | Booragoon DentistIf you’re looking for comprehensive dentistry in Booragoon, WA, we invite you to consider our dental clinic. We offer the treatments you need to help keep your smile healthy and vital for life.

Your general dentist in Booragoon understands that good preventive and general dental care provides the framework for long-term oral health. We also customise your treatment to address your specific dental needs.

Preventive Dentistry for Your Smile Health

Our approach to prevention dentistry finds us focusing on treatments and services designed to promote positive oral health long-term. In other words, we focus on preventive therapies that may mean fewer cavities or other dental health issues later.

Our preventive dentistry starts with regular dental exams and teeth cleanings.

Your dental exam, which includes periodic x-rays and oral cancer screenings, looks for potential issues before they turn into costly and time-consuming oral health conditions.

Professional teeth cleanings find us clearing away the debris and bacteria that often lead to cavities,  dental infections and gum disease. This treatment gets rid of what your toothbrush and dental floss cannot.

Your dentist in Booragoon also recommends brushing and flossing daily to complement your in-clinic dental care. A member of our team can provide brushing and flossing tips to help you make the most of your routine.

Other preventive dentistry services can include fluoride treatments and dental sealants to strengthen teeth and help prevent cavities.

Your dentist will always discuss the best preventive treatments for your dental health based on your unique profile. At Garden City Implant Dental, we know that no two patients are alike, and we embrace varying treatment protocols to meet individuals where they are in their dentistry.

General Dentistry in Booragoon

General dentistry picks up where preventive dentistry leaves off. It is here that your dentist provides the necessary treatments and services when your smile needs maintenance—for example, a tooth-coloured filling to treat a dental cavity.

Other examples of general dentistry include:

  • Root canal treatment to repair root infections
  • Extractions for deep decay, wisdom teeth, tooth replacement or before orthodontics
  • Tooth replacement like dental implants
  • Other specific therapies for specific oral health conditions

Man at dentist in booragoon WAYour Oral Health Matters

It’s important to remember that excellent oral healthcare—at home and with your dentist—is crucial to your long-term dental health. It also lays the groundwork for services you may consider later, including cosmetic dentistry.   

Additionally, studies have shown tooth and gum health may contribute to improved digestion and overall wellness. Gum disease, for example, has been linked to cardiovascular health and Alzheimer’s disease.

For General Dentistry in Booragoon, We Welcome Your Call

If you’re looking for dentistry from a compassionate and friendly team of dental professionals, we look forward to meeting you. Also, if you have any questions about our treatments and services, we are here to answer your questions.