All Teeth on 4

If you have missing teeth, you may have tried dentures, a practical and obvious solution to tooth loss. But dentures can slip and lose their grip over time. Ultimately—and increasingly—they require relines, adhesives and eventually replacement.

All Teeth on 4 in Booragoon, WA has changed how we think about dentures. With this solution, your implant dentist, Dr James LT Wong, can provide a denture or arch of replacement teeth that don’t slip or require relines. And with All Teeth on 4, you’ll never need adhesives to keep your smile fixed and functioning.

All Teeth on 4 Dental Implant Technology in Booragoon, WA

In the past, if you wanted dental implants, it meant one implant for every lost tooth. Unfortunately, for many patients, this approach was not in the budget. Today, we can secure an entire arch of new teeth on four dental implants.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root crafted from solid titanium. Your dentist implants this root and allows for a root-to-bone integration period and then caps the implant with a replacement tooth.

All Teeth on 4 works just like dental implants, but when the integration period finishes, we attach a low-profile denture, customised to look natural and restore function. You’ll be able to enjoy a diverse diet and not worry about the stability of your teeth as you smile and enjoy time with colleagues, friends and family.

Is All Teeth on 4 Right for Me?

At Garden City Implant Dental, we have you come to our dental clinic for a thorough consultation. Your implant dentist talks to you about your smile and provides a careful exam to ensure that All Teeth on 4 will work for you.

Considerations include the viability of your jawbone, sinus placement, possible extractions, and any undiagnosed conditions. Dr Wong may recommend pretreatments to bring you into candidacy for dental implants or All Teeth on 4, if necessary.

We also encourage your questions and concerns about implant dentistry during this initial visit to our dental clinic.

If you and the dentist decide to move ahead with dental implants in Booragoon, WA, we will arrange your implant placement in our dental surgery. This is a straightforward and image-guided procedure that promotes quick recovery and only mild discomfort after the anaesthesia wears off.

Over the next few months, the four tooth root replacements integrate into your jawbone, creating a solid foundation for your arch of restoring teeth.

Your Dental Implant Dentist in Booragoon Is Here to Help

Dental implants restore function and aesthetics, promoting improved oral health through jawbone stimulation and by halting tooth migration. Jawbone loss is natural when tooth roots are missing, and tooth migration happens when lost teeth create welcoming smile gaps.

If you’re ready to arrange your consultation for implant-retained dentures in Booragoon, WA, we encourage your call.