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Taking Good Care of Your Dental Crown

September 16, 2019
Posted By: Garden City Implant Dental
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Dental crowns are a fairly common dental procedure at your Booragoon, WA dentist. Often, dental crowns are used to strengthen a tooth that has become fractured, such as a back molar with a large filling. Sometimes dental crowns are used cosmetically to cover up a flawed or stained tooth.

Dental crowns and strong and durable, designed to withstand the force of chewing—and they are designed to last for a decade or more. It’s not difficult to care for a dental crown, but there are some precautions you could take in order to help it last longer.

After Your First Dental Crown Appointment

When you come to our Booragoon, WA dental clinic, the first thing we will do is prepare the tooth that is going to receive the crown. Then we will take a mould of the prepared tooth, which we will send to the lab that will be fabricating your dental crown. For a couple of weeks while you want for your custom crown to be made, you will have a temporary crown.

Since the temporary crown is not permanently cemented into place, it’s important that you take care of it so it doesn’t fall off.

Here are some foods and drinks to avoid with your temporary crown:

  • Nuts—or any other hard foods.
  • Raw, crunchy vegetables. It might be a good idea to cook your veggies whilst you wait for your permanent crown.
  • Sticky foods are usually high in sugar so should be avoided even when you don’t have a crown, but they can truly wreak havoc on your temporary crown.
  • Gum can easily pop off your temporary crown. Don’t resume gum chewing until after your permanent crown has been in place for a while.

After Your Permanent Crown Has Been Placed

Keep in mind that your crown might be sensitive to cold or heat in the days following the procedure. If this doesn’t go away on its own, contact your Booragoon dentist, and we can help you determine if your dental crown needs to be adjusted.

We welcome your call to our dental clinic should you have any questions.


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