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Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

July 26, 2021
Posted By: Garden City Implant & Dental
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We take tooth extraction seriously and try to avoid extracting a tooth that could be repaired or protected. However, sometimes tooth extraction is impossible to avoid, and we must remove the tooth to preserve your oral health and safeguard your other teeth.

When you have a tooth extracted at Garden City Implant & Dental, Dr James Wong and our experienced team will make the experience as comfortable as possible with gentle care, and if necessary, sedation options. We offer IV (twilight) sedation, oral sedation and inhalation sedation, and we will work with you to find the right sedation choice for your situation. Fortunately, a local anaesthetic is enough for most of our patients to feel comfortable during an extraction procedure.

Before you leave our practice, we will provide you with thorough aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth healing process. For your convenience, however, we’ve also provided a few tips on caring for an extraction site after the procedure below. 

Home Care After an Extraction Procedure

  • Apply an ice pack to the side of your face where the tooth extraction occurred to help reduce swelling
  • Avoid smoking for at least two days after the extraction procedure
  • Eat liquids and soft foods immediately after the extraction
  • Do not suck on a straw as it may dislodge the forming blood clot
  • Avoid eating chewy, crunchy or hot foods
  • Be gentle with the area to avoid irritating its healing process or causing bleeding

It’s also a good idea to get some rest after the extraction, not pushing yourself too hard with physical tasks or exercise. Additionally, it’s vital that you follow any specific instructions provided by your dental team and take any medications they prescribe as directed. 

Tooth Extraction in Booragoon, WA

We invite you to contact our friendly team, led by Dr Wong, in Booragoon, WA to book your evaluation for tooth extraction. We provide exceptional dental care to our patients, whether they need a tooth removed due to advanced decay or wisdom tooth extraction. 

We work to make every visit to our practice a positive experience, and we’ll do anything we can to make your visit pleasant and stress-free. 

Disclaimer: The information throughout this site is not intended to be taken as medical advice.