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Signs You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

December 22, 2021
Posted By: Garden City Implant Dental

Do you have a tooth that bothers you? Or have you noticed any painful decay or deterioration causing problems daily? Sadly, these symptoms may indicate that it’s time for a tooth extraction procedure, but rest assured, tooth extractions are common in modern dentistry.

When Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Not every pain in your teeth or gums warrants a tooth extraction, but paying attention and consulting a dentist never hurts! Whilst seeking professional advice helps, a list of common symptoms of teeth requiring extraction include:

  • Noticeable decay
  • Wisdom teeth with uncomfortable symptoms or changes to other teeth in the mouth
  • Pain affecting eating, talking or sensitivity to touch
  • The gums may be puffy or swollen around a damaged tooth
  • Teeth with previous root canal treatments
  • A tooth or set of teeth has suffered trauma to the point that extraction is the best option

Does an Extraction Procedure Hurt?

Many assume that a tooth extraction involves excruciating pain. However, at Garden City Implant Dental, we provide the maximum comfort possible for our patients during extractions and any other procedure. We offer sedation options so our patients won’t have any memory or feel pain during a procedure. Some patients prefer sedation, but in many extraction procedures, a local anaesthetic suffices in keeping our patients comfortable and out of pain.

Dental Extractions in Perth

We help many patients find relief through extraction procedures by removing damaged teeth that cause oral problems. Afterwards, we offer dental implant services and dentures to restore smiles. If you have a painful tooth and are unsure if an extraction is necessary, our dentists can take a look and advise you on the best option. We arrange consultations for our patients before any extractions occur!

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