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How Gum Disease Can Be Treated

November 3, 2021
Posted By: Garden City Implant Dental

Dealing with gum disease can sound like a daunting situation, but there are several ways to treat and prevent it, as well as its associated symptoms, at home and with a dentist.

Good Oral Hygiene

Treatment starts with prevention! Regular brushing, flossing, and overall maintenance of both your teeth and gums is a straightforward and effective way to prevent gum disease. Keeping your mouth clean and healthy is a great start. Scheduling regular cleanings at your local dentist can help you stay ahead of gum disease.


A dentist will take a closer look and clean plaque from teeth and any pockets between teeth and gums. Scaling may require more than one visit and potentially a local anaesthetic because it is deep cleaning and could cause pain. This cleaning may also include a procedure referred to as root planing. The process of root planing cleans beneath the gums and up into the roots of the teeth.

Oral Medication

Depending on the situation and severity of gum disease, a dentist may prescribe medication to fight and eliminate the infection. These could include antibiotic tablets or gels, antimicrobial mouthwash, or even an enzyme suppressant. Medication combined with a deep cleaning can effectively treat periodontitis that can reoccur without consistent, good dental hygiene.

Surgical Intervention

In more severe scenarios, surgery may be a viable option to effectively replace gum tissue that has been adversely affected or is no longer covering teeth. Flap surgery may also be necessary to clean beneath the gums and down to the roots to stop an infection. After a periodontist has successfully cleaned and removed any bacteria, they will reattach the gums to the teeth to prevent gum infection from further damaging your teeth and gums.

Here at Garden City Implant Dental in Booragon, WA, we understand how serious gum disease can be and strive to keep our patients' teeth and gums clean and disease-free. Our door is open for consultations on gum disease and preserving your overall oral health.

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