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What Is the Cost of Dental Implants in Perth?

December 14, 2021
Posted By: Garden City Implant Dental

Are you missing any teeth? If so, a tooth lost due to decay or trauma may require a dental implant to bring your smile back to the look you had before! Whilst fixing a smile benefits cosmetic and overall oral hygiene, cost plays a significant role in patients choosing where they'd like to have a dental implant procedure.

Dental Implant Pricing in Perth

A dental implant procedure generally serves as a long-term solution for filling in any gaps due to missing teeth. Local practices understand how vital their services are. Usually, they provide competitive pricing to give their communities a set of options and access to greater oral health and dental cosmetic satisfaction. Every set of teeth is different in its challenges and generally requires individual consultation and deliberation on the right course of action. For this reason, pricing varies from patient to patient. If you are in Perth and are considering a dental implant procedure, our door is open for consultations to determine what can best serve your needs and get your smile back and rejuvenated.

Affording Your Dental Implants

Different practices may have financing options and several ways to pay for a given set of procedures. Common options include:

  • Payment with private health insurance (if not all, an insurance company may subsidise some costs)
  • Services such as Afterpay
  • Payment plans
  • Deals on a set of services meant to maintain patients' oral health over the long-term

At Garden City Implant Dental, we offer our patients a few different options for paying for dental implants and other procedures. Please visit our financial info page if you'd like to know more about our specific finance options.

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