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Referring Dentists

Dr Elvira Stender - Stender Dental Studio

"I've referred to Dr James Wong who has treated our patients within our practice and at his own practice for a number of years. At all times he has provided quality work, treated our referrals with respect, our patients have experienced exceptional communication and all treatment well organised. It's a win for everyone because services can be offered within the practice at a high-end level which would not normally be able to be provided to our patients. All patients are maintained with the referring practice and at no time is this ever compromised."

Dr Gavin Coles - Dentist WA Canningvale

“Dr James Wong has treated many of my patients with excellent results. James is a very professional, personable and skilled practitioner with patients feeling very at ease in his care. James has allowed me to expand procedures that I can provide at our clinic for my patients. This means that patients do not need to travel to another clinic, being extremely convenient for patients, and definitely increases their treatment acceptance. James has placed many implants and performed many oral surgeries for my patients in a streamlined process, always with great results. He also ensures to be very accessible to patients for their questions and after care. Dr James Wong is an integral asset for the treatment of my patients and I would highly recommend his services.”

Dr Rhea Nihilani - GLO Dental

“Dr James Wong has the unique skills of an oral surgeon and a prosthodontist, wherein he has extensive experience in removal of impacted and difficult wisdom teeth and also single/multiple implant cases. James also performs full mouth implant cases and is able to follow through with the prosthetic phase as well. Apart from his clinical skills, James has great communication skills and a wonderful manner about him, which helps put his patients at ease straight away.
Since 2014 we have been working closely with James and he has been able to help us with a huge number of oral surgeries and implant cases. Patient’s feedback to James’ treatment has been very positive. His team provides a great level of patient care during and after their visit.
We have found that patients are more comfortable to have these treatments done at our premises rather than having to travel to see a specialist/surgeon at another location. Having James as part of our team has been a great practice builder and a fantastic experience”.

Dr Saj De Silva - Dentist WA Canning Vale

“I have worked with Dr Wong for over 10 years now and I can truly say he has helped me deliver a scope and level of service which I could not have seen happen without his help. My patients enjoy the benefits of implant dentistry and oral surgery within the comfort and security of our practice, from a truly gifted practitioner who puts them at ease with his professionalism and skill.
I would highly recommend Dr Wong’s unique service to any practice and his mentoring skills would be a great asset to anyone keen on enhancing or improving their implant dentistry both in restorative and surgical aspects whether they be simple or complex cases.”

Dr Christine Troy - FRACGP, MBBS (Melb), B.Sc Hons (W. Aust)

“I am a medical practitioner specialising in anaesthesia for dental patients. My ethos is to partner with the dental surgeon to give the patient a pleasant and professional dental experience under anaesthesia. It is a pleasure to work with Dr James Wong. James is a professional and highly competent dental surgeon. He is technically proficient and shows the utmost care for his patients, with a kind and gentle nature. Having worked with Dr Wong at a number of different dental centres and for various procedures, I am impressed by his adaptability, his experience and his dedication”.

Dr Adrian Eng - Marrigum Dental Centre

“I have worked with Dr Wong for a number of years and I have seen his constant commitment to continuing education and clinical excellence. As Dr Wong has spent many years doing general dentistry, he is well versed in the restorative implications of implant treatment. I find Dr Wong’s prompt response to my queries to be a huge advantage. He is always willing to share his knowledge and assist wherever he can. This has allowed me to treatment plan and present cases to patients within a few days of their initial query. This has certainly helped increase patient acceptance. The feedback from patients has been great and I would highly recommend Dr Wong for your surgical needs”.

Dr Alexander Woo - Sedationist, MBBS, FRACGP, FARGP Dlp Anaesthesia

“I have known James professionally for 10 years and have administered intravenous sedation Anaesthesia during dental procedures at his dental centre to many of his patients. He has been providing competent comprehensive care from preoperative assessment through to post operative care for many surgical procedures such as impacted wisdom teeth extraction, bone grafts and implants. He has a caring and friendly manner with his patients and staff and would be a reliable and trustworthy asset to your practice.”

Dr Oliver Jones - CBD Dental Centre

“I have referred various implant cases, and oral surgery to Dr James Wong. In the areas of implantology and oral surgery, Dr Wong has proven himself to be a very savvy operator. In my practice the patient feedback has been uniformly ecstatic. Dr Wong takes care of virtually every aspect of the cases that are referred to him, including arranging imaging, consultation, arranging sedation, the procedures themselves, the majority of the equipment/instrumentation, the clinical chair side assistance, the post operative care and all the associated "hand-holding" that comes with Implantology and surgery. You are never left wondering, or waiting for details as he is readily responsive and takes control of the referred cases. Considering that he performs these cases in my own surgery, It's impressive that he takes care of all the details. The advantages of this service to me have been a reduction in waiting times that my patients traditionally experience referring to specialist, an increase in quality of implant cases due to the fact Dr Wong liaises quite openly in regard to the treatment plan if asked, and also highly trained colleague that assists with advice on treatment planning and clinical technique”

Dr Justin Ho - Livingston Dental Care

“Great for case acceptance not having to refer patients out and patients prefer having all their dental treatment completed in your practice where they are more comfortable. Dr Wong's surgical skills in implantology, grafting and exodontia are truly exceptional and inspiring. Being able to see it done with your patients in your own practice is a bonus. The flexibility of having Dr Wong in our practice is so beneficial for our patients. It's not only the convenience of a familiar environment and location, it is also emotionally and financially a better option for the patient”

Dr Alan Lim - QV1 Dental Cosmetics

“About 9 years ago I needed someone to assist me with my surgical implant and extraction cases. James offered to come to my practice to perform these procedures for me. I have received the highest compliments from my patients that have been treated by James. His surgical skills are excellent and he has the bedside skills to match. I would thoroughly recommend James to any practice looking to outsource their surgical procedures.”

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.